Just heard a word from one of the administration people sitting and casually chatting just beside my office space. Of course they are Britons and the word 'Darling' is from their own language. As and when I heard, I tried to remember the childhood days when using this word used to an offence and especially when it was used by a boy for a girl. When these thoughts came to my mind, only I could see my smile in laptop screen which acts like a mirror when you are in front of it.

It may quite obvious to everybody else but to me my conclusion was a bit new discovery. I concluded that words bear different meanings as they travel from one country to another over time. Darling may be a common word now in India among middle class and understood widely having same connotation as in England but a decade ago it was like a special word which was only used to call your intimate partners. To some extent, credit to such things goes to cinema from where people pick them up without knowing their real meaning and context. They start using it in the same way they have seen it being used in the cinema.

:) Aadi