A short walk by the seaside

We all face complicated phases in our life when you really don't know what are you doing and where would it all lead you to. To come out this "feeling blue", I decided to go for a walk along the seaside. Just a few meters away from my home is the sea beach. I was really depressed and that's why decided to go out for a while. It was around 8 in the night. The Sun had already set. The sky was red and sea seemed to be gray. A strong wind was blowing from seaside. I was still thinking about the jobs to be completed in the week that starts tomorrow. Small boulders and pebbles were telling me that you need to take rest and go underground cutting yourself from rest of the world. People who were passing by were staring at me and my face. They might be thinking why this guy was so tensed. Though I could not revive my body by this short walk by the seaside, I was able to think clearly what to do next. What I decided was to go underground for a few days in order to check whether it helps. Let's go underground.