Procrastination !!!

More than six months have already passed after having joined the PhD at this university. Sometimes things seem to be moving in a right direction but sometimes they seem to go awry. Sometimes I feel happy with my work and sometimes I feel as if it is not worth anything. Sometimes planning works and sometimes planning fails to plan itself. I feel there is a need of proper planning once again and I need to recognize my priorities once again. I need to define the time frames and deadlines for the task. I also need to work out the plans ahead as they would define the boundaries of my future work.

Procrastination is the perhaps worst habit which hinders the progress of a PhD student. I seem to have fallen prey of it. I need to get out of it soon otherwise it acts like glue the longer you wait, more powerfully it sticks.

Once more I need to really think of going underground and planning the things with an oath to complete them within given time period.