From Nov. 26th 2011 to March 2012

You never know how the things would turn out to be in your life. Last time I wrote on this blog was about procrastination. After several weeks now I am going to write what happened during this period.

26th November seems to be a distant past now, however I can vividly remember what happened since then in my life. Not only my academic life experienced upheavals but my personal life also came to a halt during this period.

From 26th onward, I pretended to be busy in preparation for the Winter School presentations and other stuff related to visa to Italy. Winter School was my first academic experience outside UK. It was wonderful to visit a city like Padua. I loved the city and enjoyed the city to the fullest. I will write about the stories of Padua someday a separate post in this blog. After this wonderful visit came the holidays of Christmas.

I absolutely didn't do anything during this time. I wasted my holidays in preparing for multilevel workshop at Bristol University going to be held on 3-6 January. Multilevel modelling workshop was another great experience. Apart from learning the technique, I roamed around the alleyways and streets of Bristol. On the completion of the workshop, I headed towards another wonderful city which is also among the World Heritage Sites declared by UN. yes I am talking about BATH. I loved the city and wanted to stay there for a few more days but It wasn't possible since I was with my teacher who perhaps take care of money very well. I am little callous about it and you can call me "manmauji" (in Hindi).

I started working on the second objective of my PhD after that vacation. I did try hard but wasn't really successful. Matters in my private life were taking over my academic life and it was becoming too hard for me to cope. However, things became easy slowly by second week of February. But this was not the end of it.

One day, my guide called me for a secret meeting and briefed me about a "horrible and shocking" news. I was shocked to hear the allegations against me. Since then I wasted my three weeks at least in order to present my views on the allegations against me. I defended the case successfully. What I faced was a mental trauma that could have ruined my academic career. I will always remember the lessons learnt from it. However, things were perhaps already decided and it was for betterment of my career. I changed my topic in order to avoid any future confrontation in my academic life. The lessons learnt from this episode will always prove to be important in my academic life.

I am now working for future without paying much attention on what has happened in past few months.