Since childhood, I have been curious about very tiny details of human life. I don't know why? and I don't claim that this just happens with me, it might be the case with several others in this world. However my taste has always been different may be because I was born and brought up in a village. Why did I start writing today? The reason is that when I was looking at a page of wikipedia which told the facts about oldest surviving minaret in the world, I zoomed in the picture and tried to look closely at it. I was trying to look at minute details of the walls. Suddenly I realized that this has become my habit to explore and go into minute details. My imagination suddenly took me to my village. I recalled that how curious I used to be about MatchBox. I had a question in my mind. That was "when match box was not invented what would have people done to ignite fire? How would they have done it in Europe before industrial revolution (thinking about damp rainy days in rural England infested with grass and mud)? How would they have done it in Indian villages? Did every body suffer just because of unavailability of matchbox? How would the palace be lit at time of Akbar or say Ashoka? How would it feel at that time?" In the same way, take the example of roads (Coal Tar Roads). When these were not in existence, what would that life have been like? What would it feel like travelling 100 km on an unpaved way. No roads only wilderness and green fields.