The story of words

I am so curious of languages and their evolution that I keep on thinking and exploring the words and their origins. All of a sudden I came across a word in English called Furlong (which is a medieval unit of measurement approximately 220 yards). I don't know exactly where this word came from in our native language Awadhi - a local form of Hindi spoken around Lucknow. However I guess that this word has come from English language or it is a contribution of British Raj. They brought this word here and slowly this made foray into our daily conversation. This interaction of English and Local Languages was not one way, English had also accommodated many local Hindi language words in its vocabulary like Sepoy - Soldier; Toupi - Cap; Jungle - Forest etc. Furlong is well accommodated in our conversation and daily lives in Uttar Pradesh.  People don't spell it as 'Furlong', they rather pronounce it as "fallang". When I read this word today here on this site ( which is devoted to English phrases and sayings, I all of a sudden recalled my childhood days. My grandfather had a good command over both Sanskrit and Urdu and he used to listen to Urdu news programs everyday in the morning aired from "Lucknow Akashwani". He would use Urdu words frequently in his day to day conversation. I heard this word several times from him, even my grandmother used to use it for telling the distance apart from other local measurements of distance like "KOS" and "Mile" pronounced as "Meel". Meel itself is a contorted form of "Mile" an English measurement unit - I suppose - I don't its evolution and origin place.

I was just wondering how come these words slowly got into our lives during 200 years of colonial rule. I wonder how rich our languages have become over time. The origins of the words are so complex that it is almost impossible to reach to any proper conclusion about their evolution and assimilation time.  History has always been my passion and now I understand why is it so. It is so because my grandfather, father and grandmother had kept the history of my forefathers alive in their memory and used to tell me the stories with so much detail that I could literally create a picture of the past in my mind. I am always grateful to them and I would try hard to impart the same knowledge and interest to my darling in future.