Health system

I have never met a public health or health professional, neither from public sector nor from private sector who utters a single word when you talk about strengthening a health system through eradication of corruption rather than pumping money here and there just to reach some 'Goals' set by some foreign country. What they would rather suggest is pump or spend more and more money (obviously without any accountability and transparency) for the health system. Run thousands of schemes without knowing the flow of money that is being wasted or getting wasted - the root cause of all evils in the system. Government wants to do 'architectural' reforms using public money. Have we ever asked government where does it really go? No we haven't. Everyone knows the answer - it is actually doing some great 'architectural corrections' to the accounts and pockets of NGOs, government health workers (right from top brass DG Health, Ministers etc. to ASHA) and of course drug manufacturers and chemists. Its not that they haven't achieved what they intend to (institutional deliveries etc.). However,doing architectural corrections and strengthening the system just does not mean only spending money lawlessly and achieving targets. Since economy had a boom, we had enough money but economic wisdom says that boom changes into a bust soon. Today we are spending money like we waste water in Northern Plains of India. We need to take a heed, we still have time. Its ensuring accountability and transparency in the use of public money that strengthens the system, not just hefty amounts of grants and money. Any public health professional/ academician who wants to see a good health system in place should never ignore the conversation on corruption in health system. If you can't do anything about it, just talk about it. I don't why academicians do not talk about it at all. What they want is just more funding and more programs.

Culture of India

India - A country where people bump into your motorcycle from back and then say its your fault, why did you stop (apply brakes)? Urban India seems to be the worst. Our cities are extremely crowded with people having no civic sense. Now when somebody in India starts talking about our Great Indian Culture, I simply bow out saying a few words - Our current Indian culture is "defecating in open, eating and spitting Pan Masala everywhere, to fill drains and roads/streets with all the rubbish from our own house and construct a temple/mosque near by, domesticate animals in the cities and leave them to roam around on roads thorough the day, flexing muscles in public places such as roads and public offices, bribing and eating public money, killing girls in womb and raping those who step out of their mother's womb, taking pride in our caste and religion, killing in the name of honor, caste and religion, not having civic sense at all and, above all holding responsible 'Westernization' and 'British' for every bad that is happening in our country". This is our culture now. Even Indus Valley people who had covered drains, hygienic toilets and well planned cities. Do you think we are even close to that 4000 year old civilization? What did you say? No - So, please stop your Great Indian Culture story and get a toilet constructed, buy a dustbin for your house.