Culture of India

India - A country where people bump into your motorcycle from back and then say its your fault, why did you stop (apply brakes)? Urban India seems to be the worst. Our cities are extremely crowded with people having no civic sense. Now when somebody in India starts talking about our Great Indian Culture, I simply bow out saying a few words - Our current Indian culture is "defecating in open, eating and spitting Pan Masala everywhere, to fill drains and roads/streets with all the rubbish from our own house and construct a temple/mosque near by, domesticate animals in the cities and leave them to roam around on roads thorough the day, flexing muscles in public places such as roads and public offices, bribing and eating public money, killing girls in womb and raping those who step out of their mother's womb, taking pride in our caste and religion, killing in the name of honor, caste and religion, not having civic sense at all and, above all holding responsible 'Westernization' and 'British' for every bad that is happening in our country". This is our culture now. Even Indus Valley people who had covered drains, hygienic toilets and well planned cities. Do you think we are even close to that 4000 year old civilization? What did you say? No - So, please stop your Great Indian Culture story and get a toilet constructed, buy a dustbin for your house.