Chavs in UK

Almost a year ago, one evening while on the way back to home, some teenagers hurled abusive words at me. I was baffled and could not understand who they were and why they did so to me. Now I get it. These guys are popularly known as Chavs - the product of broken family and social system in Britain. So-called young/adolescent offenders, unmannered and uneducated filthy mouthed who have nothing else to do except guzzle down the cans of cheap beer, wear track suits and fake brand hoodies all the time, do drugs, smoke cigarettes, remain unemployed, get benefits from social security system, spend time on streets, stay in gangs, hurl abuses at passers by, frighten, disrespect, harass and attack people. In Britain, if you are 16, you are free of all 'shackles' unlike oriental societies where children are given emotional and financial support by their families and parents throughout their life. A considerable fraction of parents here have no 'control' over themselves, forget about 'control' over their kids/children. When parents are unruly, kids will be definitely be chavs.