How to create high resolution JPEG or PNG from MS Word Chart

We often come across this problem especially academics. I often have figures to put in my papers. Its easy to prepare figures but saving them into high quality pictures could be a tricky thing to do as most of these word processors do not allow us to covert the figure into a JPEG directly. I have found one way out of this problem.
1. save your one page document, which have the figure you intend to save as a JPEG, into a PDF.
2. Open that PDF in a PDF reader. I do not know whether 'snapshot' facility is available in Adobe Reader. I use an open access (free of cost to all) PDF reader called Foxit reader. I find it far better than Adobe reader.
3. Okay so make your PDF file as big as you want. By doing this, you may see that the font etc. of figure is getting bigger in size without any distortion in quality of the font and the figure. Make it as large as you want your picture to be.
4. Go to snapshot tool, select it, now go to main area of PDF reader, select the figure. As the figure is zoomed a lot, you need to scroll left right up and down the page in order to cover entire figure, while doing this don't let snapshot option go. Once you have selected it, the areas selected by snapshot will become blue.
5. You copy it, paste it in word now as a picture and save it from there on your desktop as picture or go to Home, then to create, and under that heading go to from clip board. It will open a new tab in the same reader showing your figure. You can save this figure as PDF.