River Ghaghara

Ghaghara river eating away a 30 year old village - Angraura (District Sitapur)
River Ghaghara forms the Eastern border of the district Sitapur. The river is infamous for its annual floods that affect hundreds of villages on the either side of its course. Here in the picture above, the river is slowly consuming the site of village Angraura. I took picture while I was interacting with local people who were displaced by the river constantly moving towards the East - in other words it was eating away the land of the site where their village was located. They told me that the village was here at this site for last thirty years. People were demolishing their brick houses in order to collect them for future use. They wanted to save their properties as much as possible. Tractors could be seen with trolleys filled with bricks. To reach such a place was absolutely impossible until you had an SUV. I went there with a motorcycle and I had to deal with many slippery and muddy stretches on the way to this village. The village was never connected with any metalled road.