Brazilian visa for Indian students studying in UK - my experiences

One of the first things any Indian student who is looking for applying a visa from London Consulate is to look at their website . I am a fully funded PhD student at the University of Portsmouth. Portsmouth a little beautiful port town on the South coast of England. I needed a Brazilian visa because I had to attend a conference in Gramado, RS, Brazil.

You first need to decide as to what kind of visa you need - for a conference, always choose tourist visa. For Indians, it will cost only £16 + £1.70 bank fee - which is not mentioned on the website.

Fill up visa application form   and submit it - you will receive a protocol number and print the protocol form. The form looks likes this - - however, please leave the space blank where it is asking for ‘nome de contato’ and ‘telefone’’ - when I was submiting my application, I asked the guy who was taking my appplication - he said - put you telephone number in case I need to call you.

You should have an invitation letter from the conference organizers - you should have enough money for your stay in Brazil - you may show your bank account details to them - you must have flights booked - I had all of these and the guy did not ask many questions - he just asked what I am doing in UK and how I make a living - I told him that I am PhD student fully funded by the University and I have stayed in UK for three years. He further asked - where are you going - I love Geography and hence place names are very easy for me to remember - I tell him all the place including the states in which they are located - I explained him the tickets of my itinerary - and  he was impressed - he then handed me over a small sticky note with £16,00 written on it and told me to go to first floor to “Banco De Brazil” and pay the fee (£16,00) - visa officers actually sit on second floor.

Since a lot of things are written in Portuguese - I could not understand and sat for almost 20 minutes waiting for my turn - the windows I was looking were meant for Passport applications - then I asked a person about visa applications counters, he showed me the way - as you enter the second floor room, just have a look at the sign on the wall to your left - visa counters are located on the left in a narrow alley. :)

You can lodge your application only through appointments and therefore you should book your appointment online but please keep in mind that you should choose the date of appointment carefully because they say that This Consulate does not accept visa applications via post.

How to reach Brazilian Consulate - it is located in Vere Street - almost 400 meters away from Oxford Circus Underground Station - very easy to find - get out of Oxford Circus station from gate 5 and then turn left and go straight down the road - after a few minutes walk - the consulate is on the right hand side of vere street - may be the third building - you will see a Brazilian flag on the top of the main entrance.