Happy Diwali

You may have seen messages floating around on FB urging you not to use fire-crackers this Diwali because they pollute environment and hurt dogs. 
But have you seen ever seen FB messages urging Muslims or Christians to stop killing animals on bakreed or thanksgiving and go meatless at least for a day? Hindus in India are being bombarded with such sanctimonious drivel everyday to make them feel guilty about their culture and tradition. I am not against any progress on cultural front but any move in this direction should be all-inclusive in nature. I think these sanctimonious nitwits should start their anti-cracker drive by urging the world community to stop using crackers on this new year's eve. And then, they may rope in the International Olympic Committee and the like, and urge them to stop using fire-works for their games ceremonies. Then before urging us to celebrate a cracker-less Diwali, they should provide jobs to the people in places like Shivakashi and monetary help to small vendors whose Diwali solely depends on the small profit they make by selling earthen pots, diyas and and crackers. I know they can't do any of this. Posting and pasting malicious propaganda against a community (read Hindus) on FB is easy and that is what they (self-declared communist, progressive, liberal, atheists) are busy doing now. Rather than asking a particular community to go vegan or cracker-less on their festivals,I think, there are several other really important issues that we as a country should focus on. So....friends, use fire-crackers as usual and enjoy your Diwali.