O Kashmir! What has become of you?

O Kashmir! What has become of you? From the land of Charaka (the father of Ayurveda), Patanjali (the compiler of Yoga sutras), Bharata Muni (author of the Natyashastra), Abhinavagupta (the genius Shaiva sage) and Padmasambhava (who introduced Tantric Buddhism to Tibet) to being the land of retarded Abrahamic stone-pelters. How could we let this happen? Maybe we should look for answers in the worldly wisdom of the Panchatantra, which abounds with stories of lies, deceit, treachery and deception - everything that Kashmir stands for today. Oh, one more thing... Panchatantra is also a product of Kashmir. Hindustan se rishta kya? Om bhur bhuva swaha. ~ Ashish Dhar